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ILS Chassis

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SKS ILS Chassis
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The Pearce Armoury ILS (Integral Lower Stock) chassis is a new chassis, designed in house by Pearce Armoury. it features many parts and characteristics of the AR-15 and the SKS. We removed the SKS Trigger system that often plagues the SKS and incorporated components of the AR-15 lower. The AR-15 has a problem with the gas system creating fouling and reducing clearance causing bolts to jam. The SKS offering its Tandem Piston Driven system removes that issue and allows for a more reliable operating system. The AR-15 trigger gives the rifle the opportunity to be tailored to the specific user VS the SKS trigger which features almost no support. 

Features : 

- Tool-less field strip; 1 pin opens entire rifle to remove bolt carrier and bolt, and open trigger well for cleaning.

- Ergonomic; all features can be reached with the right hand similar to an AR-15, Gunfighter Drills for the AR-15 are compatible with the SKS equipped ILS chassis.

- M-LOK Compatible forestock with slot for Blade Bayonet 

- Light weight design, 6.6lbs.

- Upgrade-able; compatible with any AR-15 trigger group, AR-15 grips, and almost all AR-15 stocks.(excluding stocks that have grips built into one) 

- Non-Restricted, CFO Approved for uncontrolled item, does not change classification of your SKS!

- Made in Canada! ????

- Comes with standard A2 black grip and A2 black adjustable stock.

- Sights not included but for sale as option

- PETG Polymer lower, fore stock, scope rail w/ aluminum spine.

- AR Bolt Release

- Matching M-LOK Style gas tube cover.

- Uses Robertson Arms XCR-L pistol mags in 7.62x39, (AR pistol mags = 10 rounds legally in a rifle





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